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Our bread and butter is weekly lawn care services. We will get your lawn looking better than you ever imagined it could be in no time, and we'll keep it that way with our maintenance services.


Looking to turn your backyard space into an area you never want to leave? Our landscape design services will make your outdoor dreams a reality.


Don't let those seasonal projects linger for too long, or you might miss your chance to get it done! Our Spring & Fall clean-up services are here to help you get those projects done in no time.


There's nothing like a well maintained landscape bed surrounding the exterior of your home. Our bed maintenance and mulch delivery services help these areas look taken care of throughout the outdoor season.


Don't wait! Contact us today for a free estimate, and to get on our weekly lawn maintenance schedule. We look forward to hearing from you.



For over​ three decades, we have been providing lawn care services for commercial and residential customers. If you are looking for a reliable, hard working, and trustworthy landscaping company to take care of your property throughout the Spring, Fall, and Summer, then you are in the right place. We have built a strong reputation for ourselves in this area, and we have many satisfied customers who have chosen to use us again year after year. Roo Landscaping is proud to be one of the top providers of lawn maintenance services in the greater Kenosha & Racine areas.

Keeping a well maintained lawn around your home has a number of benefits, and having a professional landscaping company do the work for you has even more benefits.​ Not only are you going to be saving time and energy by not dealing with difficult equipment and not putting in the labor, but you are going to be in the hands of our hard working employees who will do what it takes to get your lawn looking at its absolute best. We find that most of our residential customers wish they hired a lawn service earlier in their homeowner days due to the convenience it has brought them.

Our full lawn care services consists of a variety of maintenance related projects that we perform, but we wanted to highlight a few of those below to give you an idea.

Lawn Mowing - Our weekly lawn care service is designed to keep your property looking at its best all the time, and that's why we have our weekly lawn mowing service available to commercial and residential maintenance services. Depending on the size of your land, we might even be in and out before you know it! We have a full staff of hardworking professionals who have been caring for lawns for many years. If you are looking for a regular lawn mowing service in Kenosha or Racine, give us a call today to get on our weekly maintenance schedule.

Tree & Bush Trimming - We know that sometimes our trees and bushes can become overgrown quickly, or they aren't receiving the proper care in order to grow in a healthy manner. We decided to offer our tree and bush trimming services to provide a solution for our customers who want to make sure their plants are being attended to throughout the year. Ultimately, good looking trees and bushes are really going to compliment the freshly mowed lawn you'll have when using our weekly service. We can also help plant trees and bushes if you would like to have that project done by us!

Fertilizer - In Kenosha & Racine, it's important that we use fertilizer on our lawns to make sure they are receiving the proper nutrients to grow. We can go through long droughts throughout the year, and then the weather can change in a moments time. Taking that into consideration, we offer our fertilizer services to make sure your grass is being cared for properly. If you are wondering about the current health of your lawn, please give us a call right away to see how we can be of assistance to you!

Weed Control - We all know that weeds can get out of control very quickly, and that's why we offer our weed control services. This includes weed prevention as well as removal. We have a variety of processes that we are able to put in place in order to prevent weeds from coming up, so please ask us about that during your free estimation with us! This service is designed to help save you from the back breaking work that comes along with weed removal. In the end, it's worth it to leave this job in the hands of our services as we have the tools and experience necessary to get the job done efficiently.


Lawn Aeration - Just like us humans, it's important that our lawns are able to breathe! Without steady air flow coming in and around, your yard will not be able to receive the necessary nutrients for health growth. For those who don't know what lawn aeration is, it's essentially poking holes into the soil every couple inches or so. The goal here is to remove as much lawn thatch as possible, which is what makes it difficult for your lawn to breathe. This is a critical step in achieving a health lawn for your property, so ask us about it during our free estimation!


Landscape Design

Making your dreams come to life.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to the potential of your yard. Whether you have a large space to work with or only a smaller patio area, you can turn that into a spot you can't wait to spend time in at the end of your day. Maybe you've been wanting to create a space that you can feel proud of when hosting friends and family on the weekends. Kenosha & Racine citizens love spending our warm months outdoors to enjoy as much sun as we can, and we want to design a space for you that makes the most of that time.

Our Landscape Design services​ are full scope, ranging from the drawing board all the way to installation. This is a process we love doing, as there is truly nothing like transforming the outside of your home. Whether you have a plan in place already or are still at the starting line, we are able to come alongside you and walk through this process step by step so you end up with an outdoor space that you absolutely love

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Spring & Fall Clean Up

We'll take care of everything!

Cleaning up your property in the spring after a long Wisconsin winter can be a hefty job for any property owner, and we want to help make that job a lighter weight for you to carry. We have clean up services designed for both commercial and residential properties​, as we understand that time is very valuable and it's something we want to save you. We remove the hassle of prepping your lawn and everything that goes along with it.

Our spring and fall clean up services involve clearing away leaves, branches, or other clutter you might have laying around your property. We can always haul away any debris you are looking to get rid of. We can perform edging services, clean up your garden or flower beds, and redefine the borders surrounding your lawn. Our professional team is also able to prune and trim the trees around your property so they are ready for growth!​

If you've never had a professional landscaping company perform your clean up services, give us a try this year! We truly believe you'll be thankful for the decision you've made in the end. You can learn more about this service throughout the link below, or you can give us a call today at 262-455-5748.

Mulch Services & Bed Maintenance

Helping you keep it clean.

Throughout April and May, property owners are looking for fresh mulch to be placed in their landscaping beds or at the base of their trees. We offer our mulch delivery services to remove the hassle and mess that comes along with performing this type of work.​ Mulch provides a significant amount of protection for plants and the surrounding area, and it helps improve water penetration and encourages air flow. This goes hand in hand with our landscape bed maintenance services, which we offer to help your plants grow in the healthy way they were designed to.

Our bed maintenance services consists of weed control and removal, planting, maintaining, and caring for your flowers and other plants. This is a job that requires regular attention, and we take that burden off your plate so you are able to enjoy your lawn on the weekends instead of working in it.

If you need mulch delivered to your home, or your flower beds maintained throughout the year, give us a call to see what we can do for you! We look forward to having the opportunity to work for you.

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