Kenosha Lawn Care

We provide full lawn care services in Kenosha & Racine County, and we have been providing these services for many years now. Year after year our customers choose to work with us again, and this is a direct result of our quality work, reliable service, and top notch customer service.​ We work on every lawn as if it's our own, as we want to make sure every customer is full satisfied with the work we are doing. Being on our weekly lawn care schedule is going to ensure that your lawn is receiving proper care and maintenance week in and week out. We provide commercial lawn care services along with our residential services. If you are a business or commercial company that needs a trustworthy landscaping company to be taking care of your property, we are the service for you!

Within our weekly lawn care services, you can choose to have us do fertilizer, tree & bush trimming, lawn aeration, planting, and more.​ We want to be providing the best service possible to you, so if there is any job you have in mind that you don't want to take care, let us know and we will see what we can do!

Roo Landscaping is focused on providing quality and affordable lawn care services. It is our goal to build strong relationships with the property owners of Kenosha & Racine, and we do that through the work we perform. We are looking to grow the lawn maintenance area of our business, so please give us a call if you have questions!


Give us a call and we'll be able to answer whatever questions you may have, as well as expand on the services we offer our commercial and residential lawn care customers.


Benefits of choosing our weekly lawn care service.

Time Saver

Think about all the time you spend caring for your lawn throughout the season. Maybe it's something you enjoy, but maybe its something that you dread, and it would be much easier to leave this work in the hands of professionals! As they say, time is money, and we want to save you the time you spend working in your lawn. Roo Landscaping only hires trained professionals who have experience caring for lawns, so when working with us you can trust you're in good hands, and you will be surprised by how quickly we can do our full lawn care services. We want to take the burden of lawn care off your plate!

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Lawn mower, leaf blower, weed trimmer, small gardening tools, gloves, and those are only some of the pieces of equipment you might need to properly care for your lawn. When working with a professional lawn care company and having us take care of your regular maintenance, you won't need to invest in these things anymore. On top of that, lawn mowers and other small engine pieces of equipment require regular maintenance and service which can be a major hassle for you. Lawn mowers can cost anywhere between three to five hundred dollars, and the time and money it takes to service them is much more than that. We have professional grade equipment that will make your lawn look top notch every time we care for it.



If you are on our site today, that most likely means you care about having a healthy, well maintained piece of property. As a professional lawn care, we provide a full scope of services such as bush trimming, garden watering, weed control, fertilizer, and more. All these services are designed to create a healthy environment throughout your yard that encourages proper growth for all your plants.

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