Kenosha Spring & Fall Clean Up

We have been providing our spring and fall clean up services in Kenosha & Racine county for many years now. This the service where we help you with that one off project that you need to get done, and the best time to do it is in the transition of the seasons.​ If you have a project in mind, please call us very soon as we don't offer these services year round, and our schedule can fill up quickly in the spring time.

Our spring clean up can involve projects such as removing large sticks and stones, pulling bushes, fixing areas of your yard that was damaged by snow related projects during the winter, trimming plants, etc. We have a team of landscape and lawn care professionals who will be able to come by and help get this job done in no time. Many people who use our clean up services are very thankful they chose to do so due to the large amount of time they saved by not having to do their project.

If you have a potential clean up project on your hands, please call today! We want to stop by as soon as we can so we can understand the scope of your project, and then mobilize our team to get things done and take care of our customers. We look forward to having the opportunity to service your property.


Give us a call and we'll be able to answer whatever questions you may have, as well as expand on the services we offer our commercial and residential lawn care customers.


Benefits of Seasonal Clean Up


Taking the time to remove twigs, weeds, leaves, and debris that was created during the winter can make your lawn look 10x better than it did before. You want your home to be looking at its absolute best year round, and taking the time to do a spring clean up will help make that happen. Also, there can be damaging effects for your lawn and landscaping if you don't take the time to remove things such as leaves and debris. If you have a project that is too large on your hands, give Roo Landscaping a call today and we will help get the job done for you.

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Thatch is a layer of dead grass that is laying over the grass clippings, and it collects in between the healthy areas of your lawn. Getting rid of this will make your lawn healthier, and it will allow your grass to get the nutrients it needs such as water, oxygen, and sunlight. It is typically best to have this done before you mow your lawn for the first time, so we recommend doing this during your spring clean up projects. It might be an annoying project to do, but you will seriously recognize the difference in your lawn throughout April and May, and all the way through the summer.

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Probably one of the main benefits of having your yard cleaned up every spring is that it makes sure your lawn and landscaping is staying at its absolute healthiest. Taking the time to go through and assess everything will allow you to catch any areas that may need special attention. You can also begin to identify weeds that might already be growing in, and therefore you can take the proper steps to do weed prevention.

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