Kenosha Mulch Services & Bed Maintenance

It's that time of year again! Your landscaping is all set up, you've done your first mow of the season, and now it's time to get the mulch laid down and spread around to wrap everything up. We have been providing our mulch delivery services for many years now, and we make this job quick and easy for homeowners. Although mulch is generally easy to apply in your landscape bed, it's important to do it right as you don't want to lay too much, and you don't want to lay too little. We are able to know how much to lay based on the way your bed currently stands, and also the plants that you have growing at this time.

We also​ provide full bed maintenance services, and this tags along really well with our weekly lawn care services, as landscape beds do really require regular maintenance! When it comes to maintaining the landscaping bed for our customers, this typically entails weed control & prevention, and also making sure your plants are receiving the proper nutrients to promote healthy growth.

Please contact us soon if you are thinking about having mulch delivered to your home, or having our lawn care professional stake care of your landscape beds to start off the season! We look forward to hearing from you.


Give us a call and we'll be able to answer whatever questions you may have, as well as expand on the services we offer our commercial and residential lawn care customers.


Benefits of laying mulch

Improves the soil

As the mulch breaks down throughout the season, it helps improve the healthy and quality of the soil that is in your landscape bed. The insects and microbes in the soil will naturally consume the material over the course of time, and they will ultimately add things back into the soil improving the health. On top of that, the mulch that you lay down will help protect your bed from extreme temperature changes, which we experience a lot of here in Kenosha! Mulching is especially important if you plant in the fall time, since the plants haven't had enough time to dig their roots into the soil, so the mulch will protect them.

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Curb Appeal

Mulch has a way of instantly providing that well maintained, professional look to your home. It is rich in color, and can really make the exterior of your home pop. You will quickly notice people checking out your yard and most likely thinking about how great it looks! You can lay your mulch in between garden beds, near the foundation of your home, underneath trees, and in your landscaping beds. All of these areas will be visible to people passing by and it will seriously boost the curb appeal of your home.


Weed Prevention

The reason laying mulch can help prevent weeds from growing in is because it restricts their access to sunlight, which they need in order to grow. We find that a 2-3 inch layer of mulch will do the trick. We also provide our bed maintenance services to help with weed control, so if you find yourself always having a major weed problem around certain areas of your property, contact us today so we can come assess what you have on your hands. We look forward to hearing from you!

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