Kenosha Landscape Design

There is nothing quite like transforming a piece of property from something that is an afterthought and not well maintained, into a space that is to be showed off and ​designed to spend time to enjoying. We have been providing full scope landscape design services to Kenosha & Racine property owners for many years, and our team has over three decades of experience in doing so. Our services are designed to walk alongside you from the drawing board all the way through the installation process.

When working with us here at Roo Landscaping, you will quickly find out why property owners have been thrilled by their experience with us. We focus on treating our clients with respect and doing everything we can to provide excellent service. We want to make your outdoor dreams become reality, so whatever it is you have in mind we can make it happen. There is no job too big or too small for us to handle. We perform a variety of hardscape related jobs, and we always do quality work and stand by our craftsmanship.

If you are in the beginning stages and starting to dream up your space, give us a call to bounce your ideas off us! Again, we have years of experience in this field, and we would love to provide our expert advice to you and help in any way we can.



Reasons to hire a professional landscape designer

Generating Ideas

When working with a professional landscape designer, you are coming alongside someone who has been doing this for decades, and it's what they love to do. Not only do we have a team of trained professionals, but we are people who love transforming outdoor spaces into beautiful areas that are meant to be used. Our ideas are coming from past experience and the expertise we carry in this industry is unique to design professionals. We have seen a variety of dreams come to life, and we will be able to provide feedback regarding what you might have in mind today.

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Planning the Construction

Your property is unique in a number of ways, as there are many unseen factors going on that a non-professional would be unable to locate. We have expertise in understanding the current status of your property, and we will be able to help plan out your job from start to finish. Also, sometimes property owners come up with large ideas that might not actually be sustainable for your property. Bouncing these ideas off professionals and working alongside our services will help achieve something great for your yard.


Creating the Budget

It is very challenging to understand how much a project is going to cost you, especially when trying to calculate something that is as large as a landscape design. We know in theory that development related work is going to cost a fair amount of investment, but we don't know how to pinpoint specific costs. Once we design out the dream area your have for your property, we can start talking about costs when it comes to material choices and other factors. As professional landscape designers, we will be able to provide ballpark budgets which can help walk through the pricing and bidding processes. This way you can decide if you want to perform your project all at once, or spread it out over the course of a few years.

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